Founded in 2009, Wattmark Printing Group is a specialized manufacturer of printing and packaging products in Shenzhen where with convenient transportation to all over the world, we have been investing approx 100 million HK Dollar to our factory with many advantage machines. Providing comprehensive printing and packaging services to domestic and foreign companies, including some of the Fortune Global 500 Companies. We mainly manufacture hardcover books, brochures, wire-o books, board books, notebooks, journals, gift boxes, paper bags, envelopes. stickers. etc. After 10 year's development, we have grown to one of the largest printing & packaging companines in China, more than 1,000 high efficiency employees and good performance machine. exporting 21.5 Million US Dollar cargos to 21 Countries and areas in 2019.

Since our inception, we have viewed our clients as an extension of our business, integral to successful solutions. To that end, we cultivate a personal relationship with each of our customers and strive to provide a unique experience that is responsive to individual requirements and objectives. Committed to being a total solution provider, we make creativity a reality, enabling people to reach out and communicate with each other in better ways. At Wattmark, our commitment to quality means that our service and product offerings are continuously improved, making the benefits more tangible. 

What can we make? We make a large-scale of printing and packaging products to hundreds of clients, Such as hardcover books, children's board book, pop-up books, soft cover books, journals, gift box, paper bags, envelopes and greeting cards and so on, all of raw material we used are 100% Eco-Friendly.We possess many advantage automated equipment and the latest printing technique to support large capacity of production, including advantage Germany CTP facilities and an array of Germany Heidelberg 2 colors to 8 colors.sheetfed presses, Lamination machines, UV Coated machines, Foil stamping machines, Folding machines, Sewers, casebounnd machines, Perfectbound machines, Saddle stitch machines, Gift box maker, Envelope machine and so on. 

‘Innovative Drives and Release Potential’ For many years, We actively practicing the concept of "Printing + Cultures", For the printing in intelligence, proactively integration of existing market, new technology and new materials through the innovation and breakthrough innovation, the new technology, new materials and modern voice, light, sensitive technology are applied to the products, to improve the added value of products.we established a special research and development department, constantly improving product process and structure; Efforts to develop new materials, techniques and technologies, including anhydrous printing ink printing technology, environmental protection, concave and convex, screen printing, grating and other modern printing technology, to meet customer demands for the diversification of products, providing innovative and unique customer services. 

It means that we deliver outstanding solutions while passing along our improved efficiencies and benefits to you. Our quality management makes Wattmark the optimal solution provider as we provide effective and efficient services. Ultimately quality at Wattmark translates into profits for you! A value shared by all of us at Wattmark is a deep concern for the environment and for society as a whole. We nurture not only our green programs, but all aspects of our Wattmark community; our dedication to staff members and natural resources, coupled with a commitment to honesty, fairness and ethical operations, ensure long-lasting and large-scale benefits for society as a whole.