2014 China Digital Printing Union

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On the afternoon of July 4, the peak annual meeting of China Digital Printing Union was successfully held in Pudong Grand Banquet Hall on the third floor of Jiali Hotel in Pudong, Shanghai. Since its launch in 2013, the China Digital Printing Alliance has successfully held three events. It has not only received well-known suppliers of digital printing equipment at home and abroad, such as Hewlett-Packard, Landa, Konica Minolta, EFI, Canon and Fuji Xerox.

On the afternoon of July 4, the "2014 China Digital Printing Union Summit Annual Conference" was successfully held in the Pudong Grand Banquet Hall on the third floor of Shanghai Pudong Jiali Hotel. Since its launch in 2013, the China Digital Printing Alliance series has been successfully held three times. It has not only received the strong support of HP, Landa, Konica Minolta, EFI, Canon, Fuji Xerox and other well-known digital printing equipment suppliers at home and abroad, but also attracted the active participation of high-end managers from many printing enterprises all over the country.

"China Digital Printing Alliance Summit 2014" is another brilliant continuation, bringing together the leading enterprises of Konica Minolta, Hewlett-Packard, EFI, Canon and other industries to exchange the development and application of digital printing directly with them, and gathering benchmark enterprises in Tiger Color Printing, Shanghai Yachang, Beijing Shengtong Commercial Printing Express Line, Hunan Tianwen Printing, Shanghai Century Jiajin, Shanghai Fast Technology, etc. Discuss with them the successful experience in the field of digital printing. The conference attracted more than 150 people from printing associations in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, printing enterprises, experts in the printing industry and media friends from all over the country.

Keynote Speech: Face to Face with Leading Enterprises

Unlike the previous two sessions, the digital printing equipment suppliers who participated in the keynote speech no longer simply introduced technology and products, but led by the actual production and application of equipment, so that you can more intuitively understand the development trend and profit model of digital printing.

Firstly, Mr. Takashi Abe, General Sales Manager of Konica Minolta Global Digital Printing Sales Department, takes "Konica Minolta: Starting Tomorrow to Help the Future" as the theme, and describes how to help customers use digital printing to gain differentiated advantages from their competitors.

Secondly, Hewlett-Packard Indigo and Mr. Wang Dawei, Manager of Inkjet Rotation Solutions/Commercial Printing, Image and Direct Mail Industry, cited "Hewlett-Packard Indigo Success Stories" one by one, such as how customers use Hewlett-Packard's digital printing equipment to achieve successful transformation, build brand loyalty, and achieve business growth.

Thirdly, Mr. Frank Mallozzi, Vice President of EFI Global Sales, said in his speech that printing is a unique industry. Today, with the rapid development of innovative technology, automation, big data, Internet of Things, digital printing technology and the establishment of long-term and stable partners are five major issues that deserve our attention.

In addition, Mr. Wei Hain, Vice President of Canon (China) Co., Ltd. Professional Printing Products Department, discussed the "new business opportunities of digital book publishing", and exchanged with you on-site the market trend, business model and the production technology of digital books Canon can provide.

Interactive Talk: Talking about Success Stories by Industry Elites

In the interactive session of "Publishing on Demand Creates New Value", Mr. Ye Weishui, Chief Operating Officer of Digital Equipment of China Publishing Group, chairman and general manager of Hucai Printing Arts Co., Ltd., Mr. Chen Chengwen, General Manager of Shanghai Century Publishing Group, Mr. Shi Xiaojun, General Manager of Shanghai Century Jiajin Digital Information Technology Co., Ltd., and Hunan Tianwen Xinhua Printing, Central South Publishing Mr. Gong Yong, Assistant General Manager of the Company, Mr. Cao Wenbin, Vice General Manager of Shanghai Yachang Color Printing Co., Ltd., and Mr. Wang Jing, Vice President of East China Normal University Press, discussed how to successfully open a new mode of on-demand publishing for printing enterprises.

In the interactive session of "Strategic Thinking and Business Innovation of Enterprise IT Change", Mr. Pan Xiaodong, Secretary-General of Shanghai Digital Printing Industry Association, chaired by Mr. Qin Haifeng, CEO of Shanghai Fast Technology Development Co., Ltd., Mr. Wang Guiping, Chairman of Ningbo I want to print Business Co., Ltd., Mr. Ci Xingwen, Marketing Manager of Beijing Shengtong Commercial Printing Express Line Network Technology Co., Ltd., and Mr. China. Zhang Qimo, deputy manager of Information Technology Department of Business United Printing (Guangdong) Co., Ltd., talked freely about how printing enterprises can use IT technology to achieve business innovation and change.

Product Display: Digital Printing Blows Infinite Charm

There is no doubt that digital printing has become a new favorite of the printing industry. With the continuous development and maturity of related technologies, its application field is more and more extensive.