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From touch-and-feel children books to how-to book kits, Wattmark combines wild creativities, handcrafting skills, and innovated technology to produce books that brings the reader to an unlimited imagination. At Wattmark we understand that precision on crafting and attention to details is very important when it comes to books, so we employed paper engineer to take care of that part of the project.

How about a flapping butterfly or a chomping dinosaur to pop out of a page of the book? We employ specialised paper engineers to design these elements. Applying precise die-cutting of the materials and precise handcrafted works, we create moveable components that is designed to be manipulated by the reader as an extra dimension of experiences.

Having all the skilled personnel will not be enough to achieve the unachievable, so with Wattmark strong procurement skills and network, sourcing the unique material for your product can never be easier. Bring your concept to reality, adding the extra flavour to your product, with Wattmark handling your complete solution, sky will be the only limit of your dream.