Research and Development

2020-02-18 10:52:02 118


We strive to be a knowledge-based and innovative enterprise. 

In keeping with our commitment to provide innovative, creative and high-tech solutions for our clients, we opened an Innovative Technology Centre in August 2019. By becoming pro-active instead of passive, we not are leading the way in our core competence by using the latest technologies, but we are also helping to drive innovations in research and development by using new techniques, materials and processes. Innovation is not only good for business, it is essential to our sustainable development strategies ensuring that we can continue to help you to meet the demands of diverse and dynamic markets, new technologies and changing business paradigms. 

To expand our knowledge we have experimented with, adopted and integrated different skills and techniques found in other industries such as textiles, cosmetics, toys, decorations, etc. Successful integration of these new technologies has been an integral part of Wattmark’s growth, enabling us to offer a myriad of innovative business solutions for you and your customers. By formalizing this strategy. we can ensure our continued development and technological success.

We conducts research and development of new technologies and materials. From our new facilities in the Wattmark Innovative Technology Center, our teams are working to ensure that you and your customers can differentlate your products in your markets.