Prepress white samples

2020-02-17 21:43:13 7

When a print completed the design and layout, 

Everything is ready to go into the printing process. Howeve, before the mass production, the prepress processing steps will be an important and indispensable part from the idea to the final product. Prepress processing will be used on the one hand to check the praticability of the design draft; on the other hand, establish standards for formal print production processes. After prepress processing, we will make a comprehensive consideration of the work from the perspective of production and production.

As the pre-press processing standard established by Wattmark, the color of the printed matter will be processed to facilitate the printing process. If problems are found during prepress processing, feedback will be communicated to the customer timely to ensure that the production results are in line with customer expectations and delicated to achieve “zero error”.

After completing the planning and pre-press processing steps of the printed matter, we can finally start to look forward to seeing the prototype of the final printing products, which we were call White Sample. As a printing supplier that is delicated to make every step to be perfect, especially in terms of color and quality, we believe, Every detail matters.


Whether the client is requested for an illustrated hardcover book, a visually stunning collection of photos, a simple but exquisite invitation, or a brand manual or album for a brand, White Sample will be send to the client before going into the mass production.


When you get the White Sample, the print will be presented in physical form for the client to confirm. The details of size, paper, material, binding method, etc. are all presented in White Sample. All the creative ideas and the imaginations will be seen and touchable.